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Fading Wedding Traditions/Trends

Wedding trends and traditions are constantly evolving and changing. Some consistently stand the test of time, others fade out. Here are a list of a few wedding trends and traditions I have seen die out over the years.

Wedding Favors. Very few clients seem to have these nowadays and they can get pretty pricey, especially with a large guest count. If you still want to have guests take something home to remember your big day, maybe opt that they can take some of the florals home, or maybe their seat card can double as a favor!

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. While this is very traditional and such a cute and sometimes sentimental piece to add to your big day, it is not necessary. Include what speaks to you!

Flower Girls/Ring Bearers. More and more weddings are becoming

“adult only” so it makes sense that this tradition is not so prevalent in todays weddings. But, if you’re still wanting a “flower girl” but maybe don’t have little ones to do the job, opt for an alternative! We’ve seen everything from flower men to flower grannies! You can include anyone in this tradition to make it your own.

Even though these things may be dying out in todays weddings, this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate them into yours! Your wedding day should speak to who you and your partner are as a couple and celebrate your love! Happy wedding and we hope your day is MAGICAL!

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