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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As you plan every detail of your special day, there's one aspect that you might not have considered yet, but it's becoming increasingly essential in today's digital age – having a dedicated Wedding Day Social Media Coordinator.

Allow me to share with you the incredible benefits of having a Wedding Day Social Media Coordinator as a part of your wedding dream team!

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Capturing and Sharing Precious Moments

Your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye, but a Social Media Coordinator will be there to capture every beautiful moment, ensuring that nothing is missed, from the anticipation in the morning to the emotional vows and the joyous celebration, your love story will be told in real-time.

Personalized Social Media Plan

Our Coordinator will work closely with you to create a personalized social media plan that aligns perfectly with your vision for the day. You can choose the platforms, the style, and the schedule that best represents your love story.

Hassle-Free Hashtags

Worried about coming up with the perfect wedding hashtag? Let us handle that for you! We'll create a unique hashtag that guests can use to share their own photos and experiences, helping to build a beautiful digital album of your day.

Stress-Free Social Media Management

You deserve to enjoy your wedding day without worrying about posting on Instagram or Facebook. A dedicated Coordinator will handle all of that for you, from creating captivating captions to sharing stunning photos and videos, so you can stay present and fully enjoy every moment.

Professionally Edited Content

Our Coordinator isn't just about posting snapshots. They'll edit and enhance 30 photos , ensuring that your memories are as beautiful and timeless as your love story.

Post-Wedding Highlights

Within 24 hours of your wedding day, our Coordinator will send you all photos and videos captured on your wedding day so that you can cherish forever, reliving the magic whenever you want.

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