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"And That's A Wrap!" Wedding Exit Ideas

Planning the perfect wedding day is so much fun – from finding the perfect dress to choosing the venue, there are so many exciting decisions to make! But, when it comes to creating a truly memorable finish to the night for the happy couple, the pressure can sometimes be on. So today, I'm here to share some of my favorite big exit ideas.

Start by giving your bouquet an upgrade… with colored confetti! Giving your bride and groom their own custom confetti cannons – filled with their favorite colors – can turn the night into an incredible colorful spectacle. It’s all about taking the traditional bouquet toss and adding a little extra sparkle – perfect for the more glamorous couples out there.

Next, taking it up a notch with a fireworks display is sure to leave your guests in awe – creating a truly magical moment for the bride and groom. Whether you go for a full pyrotechnics show or something smaller like sparklers and spark fountains, your guests are sure to love the grand, yet romantic finish to the night.

If the night calls for something a little more intimate, why not go for a DIY approach? For the crafty couples out there, the possibilities are endless. You could go for flower petal toss, or have guests line up along the drive with LED sparkler wands as a softer, yet still playful option. You could also have a makeshift parade – inviting guests to line up with balloons, signs, lights, and streamers for that final farewell.

Finally, want an eco friendly option? Try bubbles or use a circle or other shape cut outs and cut shapes out of leaves! This makes for easy or no clean up and still adds an earthy and romantic final touch on your big day!

There you have it – some of my favorite big exit ideas that are sure to create a fun and unique ending to the night. From custom confetti and fireworks to crafty parades and sparklers, there’s something for everyone. To make the most of your big exit, be sure to plan ahead and use the best quality products to ensure your bride and groom have a night to remember.

Happy wedding planning!

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