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Weddings are NOT Family Reunions

As a wedding planner, I'm often asked about the guests for a wedding and if family members should be invited even if they aren't close. My answer is always the same - a wedding is not a family reunion!

While it's nice to think that everyone should be invited to a couple's wedding, the truth is that the guest list and budget often don't allow it. It's important to remember that weddings should be an intimate, personal celebration between two people and their closest family and friends. Inviting extended family may be too much for the couple and

their immediate family.

So, how do you decide who to invite? My advice is to think about who is important to the couple and who will make the day even more special. It's also helpful to consider the dynamics of the family and if inviting a certain extended family member will create tension. Ultimately, the couple should think about who they really want to be there and who will make the happiest memories.The bottom line is that it's totally OK to not invite extended family members to your wedding.

Weddings are a special, once-in-a-lifetime event, and the couple should be able to enjoy it with their closest family and friends. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for not inviting them - it's your special day, after all!

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