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My Wedding Vision VS My Parent's Vision...and They Are The Ones Paying For It

As a wedding planner, I'm often in the middle of an emotional tug-of-war between the bride and her parents. After all, they're typically the ones paying for the big day, and they want to make sure their daughter has the wedding of her dreams. On the other hand, no bride wants to forget her own wedding vision! So how can a bride and her parents work together to find a happy medium? With a little creativity and compromise, it absolutely can be done! Here are my top tips for brides wanting to stick to their vision and still respect their parents' opinion.

1. Listen to each other. As a wedding planner, I see so much potential for misunderstanding when a bride and her parents aren't listening to each other. No one wants to feel like their opinion doesn't matter, so make sure everyone is giving each other their full attention.

2. Have an open mind. Even if you have your heart set on a certain look or style, it's important to stay open to other ideas. Sometimes all it takes is a little creative thinking to bring an idea to life in a way that both the bride and her parents can love.

3. Split the difference. When it comes to the more expensive components of your wedding, like the venue, the food, and the entertainment, consider splitting the difference. That way, everyone can get a little of what they want and no one has to compromise too much.

4. Find the “why” behind the request. While parents may want something for your wedding that doesn't necessarily match your vision, ask yourself why they are making that suggestion. It could be that they want to honor a family tradition, or maybe it's something they wish they had done differently at their own wedding. At the end of the day, it's all about finding a way to make both sides happy.

With a little patience, understanding, and compromise, you can create a wedding day that everyone will love — and that you'll look back on with nothing but fond memories!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the task of planning your wedding while trying to keep everyone happy, remember that you don't have to do it alone! As a wedding planner, I'm here to make sure that your wedding day is everything you dreamed of.

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