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Ideas to Set Your Wedding Apart

If you're looking to shake things up and add some personality to your big day, there are so many fun and non-traditional things you can incorporate.

One of my favorite ideas is having a live painter at your wedding. Not only is it unique, but it's also a great way to capture the memories of your special day in a way that's truly one-of-a-kind. Guests will love watching the artist at work, and you'll have a beautiful piece of artwork to hang in your home for years to come.

Another idea (seeing your chosen venue allows it) is hiring a food truck instead of doing traditional catering. This can provide a more laid back, but fun feel to your big day, not to mention all of the cool food options this provides!

If you're looking for something a little more low-key, consider a

“wine tasting” opposed to your traditional

bar set up!

Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your wedding day truly your own. Embrace your creativity and have fun incorporating unique elements that will make your day unforgettable.

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