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5 Tips to Keep Your Guests Cool and Comfortable During Your Summer Wedding

The comfort of your guests is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding, especially during the summer months, when the weather can be unbearably hot, it’s important to ensure that your guests stay comfortable, happy, and hydrated throughout your big day. To help make your summer wedding an enjoyable experience for all, here are some tips to keep your guests comfortable:

1. Provide adequate shade. Make sure there’s plenty of shade available for guests who need a break from the sun. Consider setting up a tent or umbrellas to provide relief during the ceremony and reception.

2. Provide cold drinks. Keep your guests hydrated by offering cold drinks like water and iced tea. You can also provide some fun, refreshing cocktails to keep your guests cool.

3. Offer fans. For outdoor weddings, consider offering hand-held fans to your

guests. This will help keep them cool and comfortable during the ceremony and reception.

4. Keep the temperature in check. If you’re having an indoor reception, make sure the venue is well air-conditioned. This will help keep your guests cool and comfortable throughout the night.

5. Provide sunscreen. Make sure you provide sunscreen and bug spray to your guests to help them stay protected from the sun and pesky bugs.

By incorporating these tips, you can ensure that your guests stay comfortable and happy throughout your summer wedding. With the right preparation, your guests will be able to enjoy your special day without any worries.

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